Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Lessons - Cupertino, CA

Lessons From Experience

I am a guitarist with 32 years teaching, 38 years of live playing experience, and 42 years overall playing experience (as of 2020).

Feel free to explore the website to for my instructional-teaching philosophy; playing styles, opinions, and tips; transcriptions; and other links.

I teach at Canon Music in Cupertino, CA.

About My Lessons


My guitar lessons are focused on improving your skills as a guitar player and musician. I will assess your style and skill and provide the right materials to naturally improve your playing and musicianship. I have been teaching guitar for over 30 years and work with people at all skill levels.

Bass Guitar

Despite looking like a guitar, the bass guitar is a completely different instrument. My lessons focus on developing your general musicianship as well as gaining an understanding of the right mentality to be a successful bass player.


My ukulele lessons are all about having fun. We will explore your favorite songs, and you’ll gain a better understanding of music theory, and improve your technique. The ukulele is a great instrument for kids and people new to stringed instruments, and may even lead to guitar!

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Introductory Video

I introduce myself and show a sample of riffs and styles I use in my lessons.

Visit my YouTube channel to find seven tutorials featuring advanced-level selections.

Video Credit: Filmed, Edited, and Produced by Tom Odell, Los Altos, CA

Teaching Location

Canon Music, 10885 S. Blaney Ave. Cupertino, CA. 95014