Eric Shoff

I’m the guy who asked a million questions about vibrato a few years back (lol). Hope you’re well my friend; will never forget [the] stranger on YouTube [that] helped me out so much. All my love to you, take care.

Eugene Doh

I couldn’t recommend Jerry highly enough. He not only taught me the technical aspects of Jazz and modal theory that I struggled with, but rejuvenated my passion for the genres I love, and continued to work with me through thick and thin to ensure I achieved my goals as a player. I could not have asked for a better mentor.

Eric Pierson

Great teacher, I started with him as a beginner and stuck with him for years until I left for college. He was able to teach me anything I wanted to learn, and we covered a huge number of different styles and techniques over the years. In addition to helping me further in my guitar abilities, he widened my tastes in music and showed me a lot of things I wouldn’t have heard of without him. His knowledge of, and passion for, music are evident every lesson, and he cares about his students making progress and getting better. Overall a great guy–I looked forward to lessons every week!

Shyam Soin

The most important quality that I look for in an instructor is their ability to teach and help their students improve. Jerry is a fantastic instructor who is able to break down the most technical riffs/solos, songs, and simplify them so you too can learn to play your favorite tunes. He is also a phenomenal guitarist who makes everything seem so easy which is what the great ones usually do. He preaches technique and his attention to detail makes a huge difference in your overall ability to play and, most importantly, sound good. If you’re looking for a guitar teacher, you will not find a more skilled person in his craft.

Dave Dumas

Jerry is a world class guitarist, but an even better listener, and there is no better quality for a teacher.

Richard Elkerton
Cherry Street Records

Over the years I’ve had the unique pleasure of working with some of the best guitar players in the music business. Jerry is definitely in that class and his peers will concur. To have that gem of talent teaching here in the Bay Area is NoCal’s best kept secret. Add to that his “nice guy” demeanor and I’m sure he’s one of the best teachers there is. I heard proof of this when I saw a concert one of his students played in last year. The boy was shredding and Jer took him on as a beginner! Can’t say enough great things about Jerry, but I think I can sum it up in one word. Talent!