I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry back in 2006. I wanted to learn how to play electric guitar, and my mom went online to find guitar teachers, and Jerry’s name came up as one of the best (with good reason). I ended up taking lessons for nearly 7 years. Jerry knows about every type of music under the sun, and can play them with his own style. His musicianship is unbelievable! Every lesson was different, even if some days it was just jamming together with a backing track (and those days can be just as important as going over scales). Jerry instilled in me a lifelong love of music, a passion for discovery, and has continued to be an inspiration to myself as well as his fellow students. Jerry is not only a great teacher, but a great guy, and one amazing musician! He has a variety of teaching techniques that’ll keep students interested. He introduced me to a number of my favorite bands, and hopefully students will find the same. He is totally the guy everyone should be taking lessons from! So do yourselves a favor and look no further! Jerry Baiden is your dude!!!