The first thing Jerry asked me was what music I liked. I think that says a lot about him. Through my four years in high school Jerry taught me rhythm guitar, starting with easy popular songs across several genres, and when I graduated from that, I brought in lots of Beatles songs and he taught me the rhythm guitar parts to them. I moved up to the lead guitar CD’s, which spanned genres from Yngwie Malmsteen to T-Bone Walker, introducing me to several styles of playing guitar, and the techniques and mindset needed to play each style.

In my senior year, the top jazz combo’s bass player and guitar player were taught by Jerry, the next combo down, the other guitar player and I were taught by Jerry, as was the bassist in the next combo below us. He produces quality students : )

Jerry is a remarkable person and an excellent teacher. He listens to your playing and he listens to you. I am truly glad that Jerry Baiden was my first guitar teacher. He gave me a deep understanding about how to make music with a guitar, and he did it with such compassion.

Thank you, Jerry.