I met Jerry back in 1989 when I was a freshman in high school. From the moment I sat down with him and watched him play, I knew I was in for a crazy ride. I was only lucky enough to spend about 3 months studying under him (he moved from the area) but it was during that time that Jerry opened doors for me that I’ve never shut. On those doors read “INNOVATIVE MINDS INQUIRE WITHIN.” He was very patient with me and displayed “outside the box thinking.” His own striving attitude to become a better musician became a new standard for me. I began pushing my self even harder, practicing even longer and digging for more musical input were ever I could find it. Inspire me he did and still does today. Studying classical guitar in college, I realized that all the concepts and theory he shared with me were still an integral part of my playing. Modes, pentatonics, chords and structure over lap all styles of music whether we realize it or not. It has been a pleasure for me crossing paths with Jerry some 23 years later. I can only imagine now what goes on in his mind when he picks up his guitar. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, Jerry, and doing it all the right way. I am still playing guitar today and striving to get better and better. God Bless ~